Sister of Battle

Since these could also be NPCs I’m putting a bit more work info fleshing these out than normal. Besides… the Adepta Sororitas are COOL!


Certain things are looked for in a Postulant who seeks to join the ranks of the Adepta Sororitas. The primary route is via the Schola Progenium (the imperial school system for orphans).

  • Will of 13 or higher (either via high IQ or strong will)
  • Schola Progenium Background:
    • Intolerance: “Scum” (cultists, drug abusers, traitors, mutants, etc.) (-5)
    • Social Stigma (-1) “Bastard” (-1 Rxn. only from Noble Born, occasionally)
  • One or more Mental Disadvantages that suggest a level of faith in the Imperial Creed or a suitable personality:
    • Code of Honor (Chivalry) (-15)
    • Delusion (Minor) “The Emperor’s will affects my life” (-5)
    • Disciplines of Faith: Ritualism (-5) or Mysticism (-10)
    • Intolerance “Anything not Human” (-10)
    • Fanaticism: either Regular or Extreme (-15)


Assuming a Postulant is acceptible to the Adepta Sororitas; they undertake vows and are given Noviate status. The time from postulancy to novice status is anywhere from a few months to a year, and time as a novice varies from anywhere between a year to three years. During this time, they tend to adopt a certain set of mental disadvantages and advantages.

  • Disciplines of Faith: Ritualism (-5) or Mysticism (-10)
    • Monasticism and Asceticism also make sense, but make for a poor Player Characters!
  • Duty (choice of either)
    • Hazardous/All the Time “Serves the Imperium” (-20) One of the combat nuns
    • All the Time “Serves the Imperium” (-15) One of the non-combat nuns
  • Sense of Duty “All fellow Adepta Sororitas” (-5)
  • The Vows
    • Vow (Major) “Poverty: Own nothing but what is provided by the Imperium” (-10)
    • Vow (Minor) “Chastity: No sexual acts or any kind before marriage, only with the spouse after marriage” (-5)
      • Since permission to marry isn’t normally given, this is effectively a vow of celibacy which is still the same point cost
    • Choice of either:
      • Vow (Major) “Obedience: Carry out any order given to you by a superior to the best of your ability and unto death if necessary” (-10)
      • Fanaticism (either normal or extreme) (-15)
    • Optionally you could skip the above and take Secret (Possible Death) “Taken vows but is not living them” (-30 but varies based on Frequency) to represent a Sister of Battle that isn’t actually keeping her Vows. This route will prevent you from taking any Faith advantages.

Optional Mental Disadvantages

Take none, one or more of the following:

  • “Good Nun”
    • Charitable (-15)
    • Code of Honor (Chivalry) (-15)
    • Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents (-10) May put you at odds with your superiors
    • Selfless (-5)
    • Shyness (Mild -5 or Severe -10)
  • “Bad Nun”
    • Bad Temper (-10)
    • Bully (-10)
    • Sadism (-15)
  • “Neutral (As far as the game is concerned)”
    • Bloodlust (-10)
    • Callous (-5) and/or Oblivious (-5) or Low Empathy (-20)
    • Chummny (-5 or -10)
    • Delusion (Minor) “The Emperor’s will affects my life” (-5)
    • Guilt Complex (-5)
    • Hidebound (-5)
    • Honesty (-10)
    • Intolerance “Anything not Human” (-10)
    • Obsession “Save the Imperium” (-10) or Odious Personal Habit “Purge the Unclean – the Heretic, the Alien, and the Mutant” (-15)
    • On the Edge (-15)
    • Overconfidence (-5)
    • Paranoia (-10)
    • Phobia: Sex (Coitophobia) (-10)
    • Slave Mentality (-40)
      • This is inappropriate for PCs or any Adepta Sororitas that might command others – but it is possible (though rare) in a Battle Sister
    • Stubbornness (-5)
    • Truthfulness (-5)
    • Workaholic (-5)

Social Position of the Adepta Sororitas

A Player Character must take at least the Basics and may purchase Rank 1 if desired.

  • Basics
    • Clerical Investment (5) Minimum required for Rank 0
      • Rank 0 Adepta Sororitas: Battle Sister (included with Clerical Investment)
    • Social Regard +1 (Respected) (5)
    • Shared with Dark Heresy Basic template (listed here again for completeness)
      • Claim to Hospitality (10)
      • Legal Enforcement Powers (FBI) (10)
      • Legal Immunity with Diplomatic Pouch Priviledges (20)
      • Security Clearance – Broad Topic, Need To Know Basis (10)
  • Rank 1 Seraphim, Dominion, Retributor, Hospitaller, Famulous, Dialogous, etc. (+5 points)
    • i.e. A Sister with special training
  • Higher Ranks (+5/level)
    • Rank 2 Celestine (Social Regard (Respected) to +2 (+5 points))
    • Rank 3 Sister Superior
    • Rank 4 Celestine Superior
    • Rank 5 Canoness (Status 1 also required)
    • Rank 6 Prioress (Status 2 for non-Earth Priory, 3 for Earth Priory also required)
    • Rank 7 Abess Sanctorum (Status 4 also required)

Training of the Militant Orders

Upon completion of training, the new battle sisters is given her armor. Though it does not belong to her and is usually kept at the armory, it is a part of her identity and legend. Initial starting funds can be used to purchase hand weapons (like a Bolter or Bolter Pistol).

  • Signature Gear “Adepta Sororitas Power Armor” (12)

To represent the physical conditioning of the training; Player Characters should take one or more of the below.

  • Combat Reflexes (15)
  • Fit (5 or 15 points)
  • Flexibility (5)
  • Hard to Subdue (2 points per level)
  • High Pain Threshold (10)
  • Improved G-Tolerance (5)
  • Temperature Tolerance (1 point per level)
  • Trained By A Master (30)
  • Weapon Master (varies)

Basic Skills

Fundamentals taught to all Battle Sisters.

  • Acrobatics DX/E (1) tumbling and flexibility training
  • Beam Weapons (Projector) DX/E (2) how to use flamer weaponry
  • Brawling DX/E (2) basic self defense
  • Climbing DX/A (1) climbing things and strength conditioning
  • First Aid IQ/E (2) dealing with cuts and wounds
  • Guns (Gyroc) DX/E (4) how to use the Holy Bolter of the Imperium
  • Gunner (Machine Gun) DX/E (1) how to use a Heavy Bolter
  • Housekeeping IQ/E (1) basic tidiness (polish brass, clean floors, make bed, etc.)
  • Navigation IQ/A (1) how to read a map system
  • NBC Suit DX/A (1) how to use basic unpowered armor systems
  • Observation (Per/A) (1) how to pay attention
  • Religious Ritual (Imperial Creed) IQ/H (2) the ceremonies and rites
  • Soldier IQ/A (2) how to use all the various gizmos they issue you
  • Theology (Imperial Creed) IQ/H (1) basic dogma


Lenses are skill packages that “focus” your characters skills and training.

  • Militant
    • Battlesuit DX/A (2) how to use power armor
    • Beam Weapon (Pistol) DX/E (1) Inferno and laspistol training
    • Beam Weapon (Rifle) DX/E (1) Meltagun and lasgun training
    • Broadsword DX/A (2) how to use swords and power swords
    • Driving (Tracked) DX/A (1) how to drive a Rhino
    • Gunner (Beams) DX/E (1) how to use Heavy Meltas, Heavy Flamers, etc.
    • Shield DX/E (1) how to use Praesidium Protectivia and similar shields
    • Strategy IQ/H (1) basics of operational and campaign planning/warfare
    • Tactics IQ/H (1) basics of personal and squad battlefield maneuvering
  • Seraphim
    • Piloting (Flight Pack) DX/A (4) how to use the Seraphim jump packs
  • Retributor/Dominion
    • Increase any Gunner skill to an effective skill of 14 or higher
  • Driver
    • Raise Driving (Tracked) to an effective skill of 14
    • Exorcist operators train in the following:
      • Gunner (Rockets) DX/E (1) the Exorcist Missile launcher system
      • Musical Instrument (Organ) IQ/H (4) the intricate organ style Exorcist interface
  • Superior
    • Administration IQ/A (2) how to maneuver the bureaucracy
    • Current Affairs (Headline News) IQ/E what’s going on generally.
    • Current Affairs (Politics) IQ/E what’s going on with the High Lords/Government.
    • Detect Lies Per/H (4) reading people
    • Diplomacy IQ/H (4) tactfully talking to people
    • Interrogation IQ/A (2) getting information from unwilling folks
    • Intimidation Will/A (2) keeping unruly folks in line
    • Leadership IQ/A (2) basics of command
    • Teaching IQ/A (1) how to teach new recruits old tricks
    • raise Strategy, Tactics, Religious Ritual, and Theology to 12 or higher (preferably 14)
  • Ordo Dialogous
    • Anything related to aliens, xenobiology, space exploration, other cultures (human or alien), and non-Gothic languages
  • Ordo Famulous
    • Anything related to teaching, general/political knowledge, discipline, rearing children, keeping households
  • Ordo Hospitaller
    • Anything related to human medical science and the human healing arts (in any field physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual)

Faith Powers

These powers can manifest at any time during a Battle Sister’s life. Though some of these powers simulate Psyker abilities, they are not. Thus the items on this list do not provoke the various “psychic effects” or risk the Warp (and thus these versions cost slightly more).

A Player Character can take none, one or more of the below.

  • Curses
    • Blindness, paralysis, weakness, etc. – all bought as Affliction (10 points per level)
  • Animal Empathy (5)
  • Blessed (any of the levels specified, vary from 10 to 20 points)
  • Charisma (5 points/level)
  • Danger Sense (15)
  • Daredevil (15)
  • Detect (Rare) “Daemonic influence” (5)
  • Detect (Rare) “Witches and Psykers” (5)
  • Eidetic Memory (5 or 10 points)
  • Empathy (5 or 15 points)
  • Gunslinger (25)
  • Hard to Kill (2 points per level)
  • Healing, Own Race Only (24)
  • Indomitable (15)
  • Intuition (15)
  • Longevity (2)
  • Luck (15, 30, or 60 points)
  • Mind Shield (4 points per level)
  • Oracle (15)
  • Power Investiture (10) (see Common Prayers)
  • Rapid Healing (5 or 15 points)
  • Regeneration (variable)
  • Resistant: Sickness (15)
  • True Faith (15)
  • Unfazeable (15)

Sister of Battle

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