Psychic Phenomena Table

Roll 1d6 to determine a “severity” table, and then 1d6 again for the specific effect.

Severity 1 and 2

  1. Dark Foreboding – A wind blows from nowhere and everybody near the Psyker gets a feeling that something bad has happened somewhere in the galaxy.
  2. Warp Echo – Regardless of the surrounding, for several seconds voices and noises echo around the Psyker. These noises come from somewhere in the galaxy, but nobody knows where.
  3. Ethereal Stench – A smell manifests around the Psyker that may either be nice or foul depending on the GM (generally an attack power will smell bad, etc.).
  4. Mounting Paranoia – The Psyker (and possibly those around him/her) get the sense that something bad is about to happen to them very soon. This feeling persists for a few seconds before it ebbs. Whether something actually DOES happen is up the GM.
  5. Grave Chill – The temperature around the Psyker drops suddenly and frost appears on things, coating them with a thin film of ice up to 5d6 meters away.
  6. Unnatural Aura – Any animals within (5d6)x3 meters becomes spooked and very nervous and restless.

Severity 3

  1. Memory Worm – Anyone within Line of Sight to the Psyker forgets something trivial as the energy of that memory goes to power the Psyker’s ability.
  2. Spoilage – Food and drink go “funky” or stale within (2d6)x4 meters.
  3. Haunting Breeze – Moderate winds whip up all around the Psyker within 5d6 meters that rustles and blows around clothing, papers, flags, etc.
  4. Veil of Darkness – For 1d6 seconds, all light within 5d6 meters goes out and the area is plunged into thick, gloomy darkness, (-8 to vision checks from darkness).
  5. Distorted Reflection – All mirrors crack and anything that’s reflective that is not rigid within (2d6)x4 meters ripples or distorts.
  6. Breath Leech – The Psyker and everyone within Line of Sight goes short of breath for 1d6 seconds (like an asthma attack) and cannot run or do major physical exertion.

Severity 4

  1. Daemonic Mask – For a fleeting moment the Psyker takes on a Daemonic appearance and forces a Fright Check (Campaigns pg. 360) to anyone that sees his/her face. Characters with mental disadvantages may suffer -1 to -10 penalties on this role. The Psyker gains 1 Corruption Points.
  2. Unnatural Decay – All plants within 5d6 metres of the Psyker wither and die.
  3. Spectral Gale – Howling winds erupt around the Psyker, lifting him slightly into the air and forcing both him and anyone within 6d6 metres to make a Dexterity Check (with a +2 bonus) or be knocked to the ground.
  4. Bloody Tears – Blood weeps from stone and wood within 5d6 metres of the Psyker. If there are any pictures of people or statues in this radius, they appear to be crying blood.
  5. The Earth Protests – The ground suddenly shakes and everyone (including the Psyker within a 8d6 metre radius must make a Dexterity Check or be knocked down.
  6. Psy Discharge – Static electricity fills the air for (1d6)x10 metres causing hair to stand on end, while the Psyker rises 1d6 metres into the air, falling back to earth after a second or two.

Severity 5

  1. Warp Ghosts – Ghostly apparitions fill the air for 5d6 metres around the Psyker, flying around and howling in pain for a few brief moments. Everyone in the radius must make a Fright Check or take 1 Insanity Points.
  2. Falling Upwards – Everything within 3d6 metres of the Psyker (including him) rises 2d6 metres into the air as gravity briefly disappears before falling to the ground after a second or two.
  3. Banshee Howl – A deafening keening sounds out for a kilometre, shattering glass and forcing everyone in the area (including the Psyker) to make a HT Check or be deafened for 2d6 Rounds. Acute Senses: Hearing act as a penalty to this roll.
  4. The Furies – The Psyker is thrown to the ground by unseen hands and thrashes about for a few moments as winds howl about within (1d6)x10 metres of him, lifting up light objects and forcing those in the area to make DX Checks or be blown down.
  5. Shadow of the Warp – For a split second the world changes in appearance and everyone within 2d6x10 metres has a glimpse at the heart of the warp. Everyone in the area (including the Psyker) must make a Will Check or gain 1d6 Insanity Points.
  6. Tech Scorn – The machine spirits reject your unnatural ways. All tech devices within (1d6)x10 metres malfunction momentarily and all ranged weapons jam until cleared. Characters with bionics may be seriously affected (HT roll or take 1d6 Fatigue damage).

Severity 6

  1. Warp Madness – A violent ripple of discord causes all creatures within 3d6 metres (with the exception of the Psyker) to become berserk for a round and gain 1 Corruption Points.
  2. Psy-Blast – There is an explosion of power and the Psyker is thrown 2d6 metres into the air, falling to the ground and possibly taking damage.
  3. Chronological Incontinence – Time warps around the Psyker. The character winks out of existence and reappears in one minute (or if in combat, 2d6 seconds).
  4. (or higher) – Peril of the Warp

Perils of the Warp (roll 3d6)

  1. - n/a
  2. - n/a
  3. - Daemonhost – The Psyker must immediately pass a Will Check at a -10 penalty or be possessed by a Daemon and become a Daemonhost! Use the stats for an Unbound Daemonhost that will immediately attack. Only the destruction of the Daemonhost will free the Psyker (though he may die anyway if his body is destroyed in the process). If the Psyker does somehow manage to survive this result, he automatically gains 6d6 Corruption Points. If PC, ignore result and roll again.
  4. - Soul Sear – Warp power courses through the Psyker’s body, scorching his very soul. The Psyker cannot use any powers for one hour and gains 5 Corruption Points.
  5. - Dark Summoning – A Lesser Daemon pops into existence within 5d6 metres of the Psyker for 1d6 Rounds or until it is slain. It detests the Psyker and trains its attacks on the fool that summoned it.
  6. - The Surly Bonds of Earth – Reality buckles and all gravity within 2d6x10 metres reverses for 2d6 Rounds. All creatures and unattended objects begin to lift off the ground at a rate of three metres per round. At the end of this time, reality asserts itself and everything comes crashing down, likely dealing damage to all those affected.
  7. - Vice Versa – The Psyker’s mind is thrown out of his body and into another nearby creature or person. The Psyker and a random being within 50 metres swap minds for 3d6 Rounds. This may include fellow Acolytes, or even enemy combatants. Each creature retains its combat skills, IQ, Perception/Senses, Will, and “personality based” Rxn modifiers during the swap, but gain the other characteristics of the new body. Should either body be slain, the effect immediately ends. Both beings are strangely revolted by the process and are unable to meet each other’s gaze for some time afterwards. Each gains 1d6 Insanity Points for the experience. If there are no creatures within this range, the Psyker must make a Will Check or become catatonic for 1d6 Rounds whilst his mind wanders the warp and gains 1d6 Insanity Points.
  8. - Warp Burn – A violent burst of energy from the warp smashes into the Psyker’s mind, sending him reeling. He is stunned for 1d6 rounds.
  9. - Blood Rain – A psychic storm erupts, covering an area of (1d6)x10 metres. In addition to whipping winds and raining blood, any Psychic Powers used in the area automatically invoke the Perils of the Warp for 1d6 Rounds.
  10. - Locked In – The power cages the Psyker’s mind in an ethereal prison. The Psyker falls to the ground in a catatonic state. Each round thereafter, he must take no other action except to perform a Will Check. On a success, his mind is freed and restored to his body.
  11. - Psychic Concussion – With a crack of energy the Psyker is knocked unconscious for 1d6 rounds and everyone within (2d6)x3 metres must make a Will Check or be stunned for a round.
  12. - Cataclysmic Blast – The Psyker’s power overloads, arcing out in great bolts of warp energy. Anyone within 3d6 metres of him (including the Psyker) takes 2d6+3 Burn Damage and all of the Psyker’s clothing and gear are destroyed, leaving him naked and smoking on the ground.
  13. - Ethereal Storm – All sentient creatures (including the Psyker) within (2d6)x10 metres take 2d6 Burn Damage that ignores armor.
  14. - Psychic Mirror – The Psyker’s power is turned upon him. Resolve the power’s effects as normal but the power targets the Psyker instead. Should the power be of benefit, it instead deals 2d6+3 Fatigue Damage to the Psyker and the beneficial effect is cancelled. Armour offers the Psyker no protection against this Damage.
  15. - The Gibbering – The Psyker screams in pain as uncontrolled warp energies surge through his unprotected mind. He must make a Will Check or gain 1d6 Insanity Points.
  16. - Warp Whispers – The ghostly voices of Daemons fill the air within (2d6)x3 metres of the Psyker. Everyone in the area (including the Psyker) must make a Fright Check at a -6 penalty or gain 1d6 Corruption Points.
  17. - Mass Possession – Daemons ravage the minds of every living thing within 2d6x10 metres for 3d6 rounds. Every character in the area must do a Will Check at the start of their turn. A failed test indicates that the character must spend his entire turn fighting off the attack and counts as helpless. Characters that also fail the test gain 1d6 Corruption Points. PCs that fail the Will Check are not Possessed, but rather take Corruption Points until they take a maximum of 10 (at which point they “shake off” the Possession.
  18. - Warp Feast – A rift in reality is torn open and the Psyker is sucked into the warp with a little burping noise. He or she is no more. If PC, ignore result and roll again.

Psychic Phenomena Table

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