Common Prayers

These prayers are mainly to help illustrate the depth of the Imperial Creed in the lives of the denizens of the Imperium of Mankind. For game purposes, these prayers (if you can work them into your roleplay) when “invoked” by a PC with the correct “faith based” Advantages and Disadvantages, will grant bonuses to dice rolls or whatnot (called “boons”).
All that is necessary for the PLAYER to invoke the boon is to say the name of which prayer the CHARACTER is reciting.
Some of the appropriate Disadvantages:
  • Disciplines of Faith: Ritualism – Of course this represents somebody that always recites the prayers listed below and is probably the most common Disadvantage of members of the Imperial Creed. This is the minimum Disadvantage needed.
  • Disciplines of Faith (others) – Not everyone needs to be a monk, nun, or ascetic. However, if the character happens to BE a monk, mystic, nun, or ascetic, feel free to replace “Ritualism” with one of the more stringent versions.
  • Fanaticism Disadvantage (helps represent the depth of the character’s zeal). “Extreme” is not needed… but it would be logical in somebody that is fanatical enough that they have “faith powers.”

    Requisite Advantage:
  • Power Investiture (normally has no effect, thus the powers listed below can also be granted with level 1 Power Investiture; so long as the character also has some appropriate disadvantages to represent the character’s “zeal”)

    These advantages have their own mechanics and don’t grant the powers listed below:
  • Blessed Advantage (the listed versions come with their own advantages)
  • True Faith (also comes with its own advantages which are very appropriate for the setting)

    A character can only have one “boon” at a time. If you wish to change the boon your character currently has; work another prayer into your roleplay to “overwrite” the one you have. It is less potent that the bonus granted by “Blessed: Heroic Feats (10 points)” but can be used more than once per session.

    Forms of Prayer to Honor the Immortal Emperor

    Prayer of Adulation to the Emperor

    To be recited every morning:
    • Immortal Emperor: have mercy upon us, miserable unworthies that we are
    • Master of the Galaxy: protect Your flock from the alien.
    • Keeper of the Light: Guide our darkened path with Your radiance.
    • We are Your warriors and we are servants to Thee.
      • We stand free from blindness of heart,
      • Free from hypocrisy, vainglory and deceits,
      • But captive to hatred, malice and anger,
      • To the filth, the alien, the heretic.
    • By Thy agony and bloody sweat; by Thy Golden Throne and Thy Death,
    • By Thy destruction and re-emergence as the god of Men,
    • Keep and strengthen us, we who fight for Thee.
    Boon: +1 Hit or Fatigue Point (player’s choice) for that in-game day

    Libation to the Emperor

    Recited before meals
    • The Emperor is our guiding light.
    • A beacon of hope for humanity in a galaxy of darkness.
    • As we serve Him, He is our greatest servant.
    • As we pray to Him, His thoughts are only for us.
    • And in the dark when the shad ows threaten, The Emperor is with us;
    • In spirit and in fact.
    Boon: +2 to any HT roll required due to poison or disease in the food (should it be required).

    The Emperor’s Prayer

    At any time a prayer is needed
    • Adore the Immortal Emperor For He is our Protector
    • Admire the Immortal Emperor For His Sacrifice to Mankind
    • Exalt the Immortal Emperor For His Strict Guidance
    • Revere the Immortal Emperor For His Undying Guard
    • Venerate the Immortal Emperor For His Holy Wisdom
    • Honour the Immortal Emperor For His Eternal Strength
    • Glorify the Immortal Emperor For His All-seeing Vision
    • Praise the Immortal Emperor For His Unending Rule
    • Hail the Immortal Emperor For He is the Lord and Master
    Boon: +1 to any Will roll.

    Imperialer Lobgesang

    The translation of the High Gothic lyrics to the Eternal Chorus that can be heard all over the Imperium
    • Love the Emperor, For He is the salvation of Mankind.
    • Obey His words, For He will lead you into the light of the future.
    • Heed His wisdom, For He will protect you from evil.
    • Whisper His prayers with devotion, For they will save your soul.
    • Honour His servants, For they speak in His voice.
    • Tremble before His majesty, For we all walk in His Immortal shadow.
    This isn’t really for PCs. This is the “heavenly music” that the characters hear in the background when at a Templum or Ecclesiarch building, etc. However, I’ll give it a boon anyway. Boon: +2 to any Will Roll to resist Daemonic powers while in listening range of the Chorus.

    Prayers for Travelling the Warp

    Prayer for Safe Return

    To be used at the beginning of the voyage
    • Eternal Emperor,
    • Who alone watches us,
    • And rules the tides and storms,
    • Be compassionate to your servants.
    • Preserve us from the perils of the Warp,
    • That we may be a safeguard to the Domain of Men.
    Boon: +1 to any single navigation type (either skill or psyker power) rolls that might be required on the voyage (for the Navigator). +1 to any single ship operation related skill roll that might be required on the voyage (for the rest of the crew).

    Prayer for the Lost and the Endangered

    To be used in times of grave peril in the warp:
    • Most powerful and glorious Emperor,
    • Who commands the winds and eddies of the galaxy,
    • We miserable men are adrift in peril,
    • We cry unto Thee for help.
    • Saw us, or we will perish.
    • We see how great and terrible Thou art,
    • We fear You and offer our awe,
    • We fear naught but Your wrath.
    • And beg a chance to prove ourselves,
    • So let us not die in the tumultuous waves of the warp.
    Boon: +2 to any single roll that has a chance to potentially result in saving the ship/crew/etc.

    Common Prayers

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