Dark Heresy: Dulce et Decorum est

The Body In Question

+ + + Begin Transmission + + +

  • Classification: Crimson Sigma
  • Author: Medicae-Inquisitor Sand
  • Location: Administratum Quarter, Scintilla, Calixis Sector
  • Date: 5621815.M41
  • Scribe: Scribe Quintos 2263827
  • Subject: Saul Arbest Situation (First Log Entry)
  • Thought for the Day: The only thing to fear is corruption itself.

With the assistance of this loyal scribe; here is a transcript of my conversation with the Acolytes sent to investigate the Saul Arbest situation on Scintilla. On my authority, I have placed the following individuals on retainer for this situation:

  • One graduate of the Scholastica Psykana
  • One officer of the Adeptus Arbites
  • One disciple of the Officio Assassinatorum
  • One acolyte of the Adeptus Mechanicus

These individuals have only recently been brought into the Inquisition. They’ve passed all the tests and; though have never before sent on an assignment for our Ordo, their test results indicate they’re more than up to the task at hand. Additionally, they were free from active duties at the time. Since idle minds are a breeding ground for corruption; I sent the summons.

They arrived at the requested time; here begins my transcript.

“Greetings Acolytes, I am Medicae-Interrogator Sand and you are the new blood, are you not? Worthy additions to our holy war? Well we shall see, far be it from me to doubt my betters’ judgement, eh?

“Well to the matter at hand. I represent the Holy Ordos of the Imperial Inquisition that we all serve. Our masters have called you here to assist us in the investigation of a matter of interest that has recently and unexpectedly come to light.

“Oh, yes, for your information, you are now in the depths of the Templum Mori, the house of the dead where the Lords Prefecta Mortem hold court and the fallen and the lost of the great city are named and counted. It will not surprise you then to know you are here to view a corpse, I doubt it will be your first, but it is, shall we say, quite singular!”

At this point the acolytes made some smalltalk and made a few burblings but nothing actually significant enough to clog the holy records with.

“Now if you will kindly attend and pay heed, I will take questions afterward.

“The body has been positively identified as that of one Saul Arbest, male, 23 years of age, hive worker, unskilled labourer certified. Formerly of the Tantalus Indenture, registered habitation: chamber 6/23 stack 717# Coscarla Division, southern zone, Hive Sibelius.

“Subject found dead on the midhive transit rail three days ago as the car returned to the main depot. Preliminary examination at the scene suggested death by drug overdose. Post mortem performed by the biologis forensic, however revealed certain anomies that necessitated our involvement.

“The cause of death was in fact total systemic failure brought on by tissue rejection of an implanted synthetic graft organ. Said organ destroyed his central nervous system while attempting to overcome the immune response.

“In short this crushed the life out of him from the inside.

It was at this point that Horace, my trusty Medicae-Servo Skull showed the Acolytes the “thing” -some form of heretical bio-technological construct ten centimetres long, with the appearance of a whitish cord of waving glassy tendrils.

“What’s it for? Unknown, but my opinion would be, in a word, ‘control’—neural and synaptic override, perhaps worse.

“There were other grafts and surgery of a less singular kind also; one lung replaced by a concealed storage cavity, possibly for his use as a courier. Also, one optic nerve removed, skin flayed from his stomach, I’ve no idea why. His system’s awash with alchemic traces, clotting agents, panimmune and the like.

“The surgery was expert, but by the lesions and tissue stresses, I doubt any care was given to whether or not it was painless. In fact, by the damage to his vocal cords, my guess was that he probably screamed as long as he was able to.

“But this little monster is what concerns us. Oh, you don’t need to know the genelore or the Omnissian edict, just that this is not only illegal, it is forbidden, it is heresy. Merely tampering with this kind of dark tech is enough to warrant a death sentence from the Holy Ordos, the Arbites or the Mechanicus.

“And I’m sure that you, as well as I, am wondering how such a rare and vile thing ended up wrapped round the spine of some anonymous habprole from the dusty end of the stacks.

“The man has no prior criminal record, he was rendered invalid by indenture—laid off if you will, some sixty days ago now and was reported missing thirtytwo days ago by his sister, one Lili Arbest, resident of the same habstack. More than enough time to get himself into all sorts of trouble, I’m sure you’ll agree. These grafts are no more than eight or ten days old at most. We have nothing else on him.

“This is to be a shadow investigation, no open official involvement and no notification of the local authorities, and no one knows he’s here either. Coscarla’s down hive, so a covert approach will draw far less attention than a boot through the door, and be far less likely to kill any leads to our heretic.

“Find out why and where if you can, better yet, find out how. Best of all, find out who is responsible. Go with the grace of the God Emperor, oh and additional samples would be a blessing if you can procure them.”

The Acolytes I’m sure had some questions, honestly I don’t recall them and have instructed the scribe to leave them off the record if it becomes difficult to decipher what they said. Since the recording servitor was on my side of the observation glass, their voices were severely muffled.

The were provided each with: Coscarla Pass Tokens, Hand Vox, Low Hiver Overcoat, and a Chemlamp. To the group I provided a Coded DataSlate, some hard currency (120 local system Throne Gelt coins worth 1200 Imperial Credits) for sundries and bribes, and a Biosampling Kit from my own office with three biostorage tubes, a bioauspex, and a monoscalpel. I have provided the Officio Computarius with the minute details of the expenses; I’m told I’m still well within budget for this quarter.

They said their praises to the Emperor and left. They should be in transit to the Coscarla Division now. I expect we’ll find out what’s going on down there soon, one way or another. Just in case, I’ve contacted another set of acolytes should this group fail. Though, considering the assets and skillset of the current group – that’s unlikely.

+ + + End Transmission + + +

Summary of the first mission’s details from Inquisitor Sand’s point of view.


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