Dark Heresy: Dulce et Decorum est

Arrival in Coscarla

+ + + Begin Transmission + + +

  • Classification: Crimson Sigma
  • Author: Scribe Quintos 2263827
  • Location: Administratum Quarter, Scintilla, Calixis Sector
  • Date: 5622815.M41
  • Scribe: Self
  • Subject: Saul Arbest Situation (Second Log Entry)
  • Thought for the Day: Redeem with Bolter. Cleanse with Flamer. Purify from Orbit.

What follows is an attempted reconstruction of the events of the first “day” in question based on testimonials and reports.
The Adeptus Arbites had to deal with a disturbance in a different section of the Hive. With Inquisitor Sand’s permission, the Arbites Acolyte adjourned to deal with that situation (instead of the Arbest case). The remaining acolytes arrived in the Coscarla Division of Hive Sibelius’ southern zone successfully. They immediately set out to investigate HabStack 717, the victim’s home. There they found the victim’s sister; Lili Arbest. After questioning the relative, they withdrew to a Hostel.
While taking refuge from the near total darkness at the creatively named Coscarla Hostel; the acolytes were attacked. The assailants; filthy downhiver scum, were working for the Hostel’s Keeper – one Maxus Drayelok (now deceased).
Perhaps of note to the Administratium; lighting and habitation systems for the Vault appear to still be damaged following the fire of 814.M41. The darkness setting for the night cycle of Coscarla Division is quite severe.

+ + + End Transmission + + +

  • Game Date: August 28, 2009
  • Used OpenRPG – We’ll probably try MapTools for the next one.
  • Award: 3 Character Points (automatic, roleplay, and I gave the one for forward plot progress anyway) to Merica, Malius, and Ilaria.


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